After we watched the absolutely stunning teaser trailer for Bioshock Infinite, the realization slowly sunk in that we’d have to wait two more years to play the game. Still, after the disappointing Bioshock 2 (a very good game, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t do anything the original didn’t) it was great to see Ken Levine on track with another new and strange world. So we all just made the mental note to wait on the game to hit in 2012.

But they hate us, and are trying to hurt us by releasing this huge video of gameplay footage. It’s interesting to see how far removed from the dark and claustrophobic world of Bioshock this looks- a massive, bright open world. It’s definitely got the feel of the game, though, of an attempt at a new society driven to insanity. There’s a helluva lot more characters on sceren and my god do the effects (lighting, fire, smoke, etc.) look fantastic. Two things you’ll learn from watching this- 1, there’s no faster way to get around floating platforms than a rollercoaster track, and crows are always better than bees.

Guys, I’m begging you. No more footage for at least another year. Please?

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!