Severin Films redeems itself from its upcoming release of Paul Whiskey Sierra Anderson’s Shopping with the news that it’s releasing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre early next year.

Now here’s a guy who saw cinema as art.  Sure, he’s not the only one who tried to translate Dune
to the big screen; but, to my knowledge, he’s the only one who tried to
do it as a 14-hour-long opus starring Orson Welles and Salvador Dali. 
Can you even begin to imagine what kind of total mindscramble that
would’ve been?  Like Un Chien Andalou meets Andy Warhol in space.

Sadly, we won’t get to see that ever.  But, what we will get to see is Santa Sangre
on Blu-ray and DVD, which restores the original European version of the
film and also includes over five hours of bonus footage.  And even more
relevant news — especially if you live in the Big Apple — is that
Jodorowsky is being honored with his first-ever American retrospective
by New York City’s Museum of Art and Design, starting this Thursday,
September 23rd and running through Friday, October 8th.  If you have the
means, go check it out, as Jodorowsky himself (the dude is still alive
and kicking at 81-years-young) will be conducting a master class on art
and philosophy.

The Blu-ray and double-disc DVD sound packed and
well worth the wait — deleted scenes, a bunch of documentaries,
trailers, interviews with much of the cast and crew, and Jodorowsky’s
audio commentary. 

Santa Sangre will be available on 1/25/2011.  Events in NYC start Thursday.