Mike Patton Achieves Sainthood.

As if I needed to love Mike Patton more after his work with Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Bob Ostertag, Dan the Automator, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Melvins, Sepultura, Lovage, Peeping Tom, General Patton & the X-Ecutioners, and many others as he’s unloaded two barrels of greatness on the music industry while confusing some and inspiring a lot more.

This week, Mike’s first work as a film composer was released by his record company complete with the B&W short film the music’s for, A Perfect Place (buy it here). I’m glad to say it’s excellent. The movie’s decent, a kind of light noirish tale featuring Mark Boone Junior (great) and Bill Mosely (not as great here though I love him).

The main theme and a lot of the enclosed work is definitely old school and features a lot of Patton staples (theremin, whistles, percussive use of whatever’s handy) and even a few vocals, the kind of music Quentin Tarantino would go apeshit over. Thing is: it’s not just sound but rather melodic and memorable and the kind of evidence I needed to support the theory I’ve had for over a decade that Patton ought to devote more time to composing. Now that I’m sure of it, it’s high time someone gave him the chance to do so.

Hopefully at Danny Elfman’s expense.

- Nick Nunziata will take Angel Dust, King for a Day Fool For a Lifetime, and Mr. Bungle’s California album over damn near anything.