The Foot Fist Way.
Observe & Report.
Eastbound and Down.

That’s how Jody Hill burst onto the scene. Impressive, huh?

He’s going to be our guest in a half hour on the live CHUD podcast, and we’ll be taking your calls about the new season of Eastbound & Down (and whatever other topics come up as long as you aren’t too stupid).

The guy is really gifted (though I’m not a big Foot Fist guy) and it’s hard not to think that he’s only going to get bigger and better as time goes by.

And Eastbound really seems to have the potential to go from very good to classic this season. So, call in and talk to one of the best comedy guys out there.

Call in to speak with us at 1-(347) 826-9101.

You can listen right here!

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