From the $7,000 Primer to the $5 million Moon to the upcoming $80 million Gravity, science fiction has been flourishing across the budgetary spectrum in the last several years. And while the larger films have the ability to take us to remarkably unknown places and achieve never-before-seen effects, it is often the smaller films that are really chewing on the big ideas. Enter Jim, an independent film from Jeremy Morris-Burke who, in true low-budget sci-fi style, wrote, directed, produced, shot and edited this film. His wife Vanessa also co-produced with him.

Jim, which is about a clone “engineered to overcome the obstacles of common men,” who is grown by a man inspired by a “vision of his deceased wife who convinces him that he should instead focus his remaining resources into an act of creation.” The full synopsis is below, but the important thing is that those in New York and LA can check the film out for themselves at New York’s Quad Cinema and LA’s Sunset 5. The exclusive clip below doesn’t reveal much, but shows that the film will be tackling many subjects from cloning, to dreaming, to “the idea that events, like people, have ancestors,” as Morris-Burke describes in his director’s statement.

If any CHUD readers can make it out to one a screening of Jim, do so. We should do as much as we collectively can to support the smaller, idea-focused science fiction environment. If you make it, we’d love to hear what any Chewers think of the film.

About JIM

‘Jim’ is a new science fiction drama by Jeremy Morris-Burke that juxtaposes a seemingly inevitable near-future of genetic commercialism against a distant post-human dystopia.

A desperate, unemployed widower seeks to salvage his legacy by hiring Lorigen, a biotech firm specializing in genetic wares, to create an enhanced child in memory of his wife.  Meanwhile, a corrupt industrialist presides over a dead planet awash in genetic inferiority.  Nature intervenes and these two worlds converge through an impossible shared dream which will make or break humanity for the long haul…

The film offers a powerful vision of the difficult choices that advancements in science and technology will be forcing people to make in the not so distant future.


Jim will be opening on October 8 and playing through the 14th at the Quad Cinema  in New York. Special events planned for opening weekend include consultations with a Lorigen representative who can mash up your DNA with a friend’s, and Q&As with the filmmakers. Join our email list below to find out when tickets are available!

Fri. October 8 – Thurs. Oct 14
1pm, 3:05pm, 5:15pm, 7:30pm, 9:55pm.

Join us for Q&As with Cast and Crew on Fri, Sat, and Sun after the 7:30pm show.


LA Premiere – Oct. 15th, 2010

Jim will be opening on October 15th and playing through the 21st at the Sunset 5 in LA!  Special events planned for opening weekend include consultations with a Lorigen representative who can mash up your DNA with a friend’s.  Check the website soon for showtimes and ticketing information, or join our mailing list below!