In what might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard, Dan Jinks, president of Dan Jinks Co. (not shitting you), saw Disney & Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and was inspired to make something. Why you would ever take one of your projects and vocally lay its genesis at the feet of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is beyond me. In any event, that something is a Pinocchio movie for Warner Brothers. Jinks is one half a recently dissolved partnership that produced such TV shows as Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me as well as films like Milk, American Beauty and (ah-ha!) Big Fish. To write the script, Jinks has hired Bryan Fuller, writer of dozens of TV episodes of Pushing Daises, Dead Like Me, Heroes, and several Star Trek series.

Considering its long history as a classic film, there have been surprisingly few successful attempts to bring the little bastard puppet back to the big screen (Coppola even gave it a messy shot). In fact, only the 2002 Benigni film really stands out and that is among the worst-reviewed films of the 2000s, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Who knows what shape WB’s Pinocchio will take, but they’re mining a character that was adapted into what is often considered the most perfect of all Disney films. It’s certainly among the most beautiful. I’m sure someone will care if they fuck it up and turn it into another live-action/CGI combo abomination.

(Thanks Matt)

Source | Variety

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