Screen Gems just sent over these six bland posters for Priest, the upcoming Paul Bettany-starring, Scott Stewart-directed supernatural thriller that isn’t Legion.

Loosely based on the comic by Min-Woo Hyung, it’s got a post-apocalyptic world full of vampires and a priest that gets tattooed with crosses to better fight them off. The film also stars Lily Collins, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Stephen Moyer, Christopher Plummer and Brad Dourif.

I was glad to find out that Karl Urban’s character is actually named Black Hat- for a second I was worried that some lazy poster designer just started describing what he was looking at after doing a bunch of these. I don’t believe the other characters are called “Kidnapped” and “Warrior”, however.

Priest hits theaters May 13 in all its post-processed 3D splendor.