Freddie Mercury was awesome. And subtle. It was a shocker when he turned out to be bisexual. I love the dude and in the pantheon of rock vocalists he’s right near the top if at the peak looking down with those chompers and that odd hybrid of Middle Eastern and Asian features that made him so singular. Love or hate Queen, they were their own odd and delightful animal as a band. I personally love them.

Freddie’s life and death were extremely colorful and cinematic so it’s no surprise the powers that be have decided to make a movie about him. The team involved is a joint of GK Films, Tribeca Productions, and Queen Films (which is the surviving members of the band) and Peter Morgan is writing the script. He’s a very good scribe and he’s already written one Queen movie with Helen Mirren.

But the real golden aspect to this news is that Sascha Baron Cohen is tapped to play the AIDS victim. Literally, there is no actor in the world more perfect to the play the insanely talented and incredibly flamboyant frontman. He has the dramatic skills, stage presence, and no fear. Pitch perfect.

And frankly, though I don’t really need a biopic about Freddie Mercury in my day this casting makes it damn near unmissable.

Imagine if they get someone like Todd Haynes or John Cameron Mitchell or Julie Taymor to shoot the damn thing…

The information comes from Deadline, because we live in a world where pretty much everything is either broken by them or Heat Vision because that’s how the machine works now. C’est la Vie, I’ll keep linking to them.