It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my last blog, and I actually feel kind of bad for not having written even a semi-short blog in the meantime. Especially since last month was the 1 year anniversary of my having this blog.

I still remember back in 2008, before I was even in my current job, I was a recent college graduate (In December of 2007), who was going right into the start of the recession like a lot of other people. JOBLESS. I got my first job that I still talk about, which was at K-Mart. I worked there for a 3 months, and it was around this time that Mr. Nick Nunziata put out an ad on the main page about if any Chewers wanted to partake in the newly formed blogs. I sent an e-mail detailing why I believed I should have the opportunity, and there was no reply for a while. No fault on his part. I know he’s a busy man. Then March of last year I get a reply if I’m still interested, and of course I was. I happily joined, and began posting my thoughts.

Blogs usually aren’t my thing. I’ve had a Myspace since 2005 (I just check it every now and then. Like everyone else I’m a Facebook person now) and I always thought of blogs as whiny diatribes for teenagers. Then when it was offered on CHUD, my favorite website on the internet, I figured why not? A blog is what you make of it, and I was surely not going to turn it into a whiny confessional.

I’m very glad to have people who read my blog, as well as those that post in the thread on the CHUD blog messageboard. I’d like to give a shout out to those people right now.

Bucho, Erix, James May, ForsakeNoMore, neoolong, Paul McCartney, Hans Gruber’s EYE CONDITION!, KBM, El Gray, CaptainZahn, Moltisanti, duke fleed, natalia, Dranbon, horrid, kain424, Barkatthemoon, and Subotai.

Thanks for being readers of my blog. I’m very much appreciative. I will continue to write for everyone. It’s ok that not everyone who reads my blog posts in the thread. I’m just glad that there are people who read my blog. \

Here’s to many more blogs about random things that happen to me, as well as the occasional movie review or book review.

Rene’s song of the day: “Heaven Can Wait” by Dave Grusin.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!