If the name Drew Struzan doesn’t mean anything to you, well, for one – Hi, welcome to CHUD. It’s a great site; we have a list going right now all about puke and shit. I think you’ll enjoy coming here. Two, the above pic should give you a decent idea of the master movie poster artist’s output.

Struzan has a book out currently, The Art of Drew Struzan:

The first ever book to cover Struzan’s iconic poster artwork in depth,
with the final artwork for each piece accompanied by background and
anecdotes from an exclusive interview with the artist. With an
introduction to Struzan’s philosophies and techniques, this stunning
hardcover will include photos, sketches and reference material, plus
closeups and a brief history of each poster featured, from
Star Wars to The Goonies.

Buy it from Amazon here.

More fun than revisiting the man’s iconic posters of past and present is getting a look at posters that never made it to the walls of your local movie theater (which the book also has). MTV has an exclusive unused Hellboy sketch (click on the pic to see the whole thing)…

…and here’s some more fun almost-made-its that you may or may not have already seen.