The Hurt Locker, managing to blow-up more than unfortunate foreigners,
has really sparked Jeremy Renner’s career, as evidenced by the number of
projects onto which he has signed. You’ll be able to see him do a lot
with a little in The Town this weekend (Nick’s review and a Tag Team coming soon), and he’ll be showing up in Mission Impossible IV, with The Avengers to follow in 2012. He’s going to be a busy man with all of those large-scale projects, but he’s now attached to a smaller “dramatic thriller” called Better Living Through Chemistry.

film was written and will be directed by newcomers Geoff Moore and
David Posamentier, and tells the story of a pharmacist in a dry marriage
who dives into the world of recreational prescription drug-taking with a
beautiful trophy wife. Renner will play the cheating pharmacist and
Jennifer Garner is in talk to play the adulteress. Once the two’s fun
starts spinning out of control, a plan is developed to whack Garner’s

Renner to mix it up with big and small films if he’s playing the long
game. This film may end up being a black comedy (the same studio behind
it is releasing the dark comedy Peep World
with Michael C. Hall and Sarah Silverman currently), which I hope is
Renner’s version of the “one for them” romantic comedy. It would be nice
if Renner could stick to interesting projects, especially while he has
the freedom to keep up the momentum with tentpole films.

Source | THR

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