Coming courtesy of, we’ve got a few Voltron concept pieces to share with you. These were apparently sent to them by Atlas Entertainment, who have been involved in a number of projects since the mid-nineties including 12 Monkeys, Three Kings, Rollerball, Get Smart, and the upcoming(?) Season of the Witch. The production company is putting together a pitch for another attempt to start up the  nostalgic giant metal dudes franchise to compete with the Transformers cash-machine. Putting pen to paper on the script is the up and coming duo of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who have heat from a number of unreleased films like Dr. Strange and Conan that they’ve written.

I can already imagine the teaser…


A hummer jerks, shifts and wiggles, emitting motorized sound effects. As the shuddering gets more intense, it becomes clear the SUV is about to transform.

SUDDENLY, a building-sized robotic foot stomps the shit out of it.



To be honest, in a battle between brainless robot franchises, Voltron would win by virtue of being about bigger things- what other metric would matter? Michael Bay’s gonna be pissed he threw in with the wimpy, scrawny, dinklage-bots.

I’ve attached the photos below, and you can head to JoBlo to see ‘em in high-res. Hop back into the CHUD Message Board and give your take on the artwork, once you do. Will a constantly magic-hour, gritty, large-scale Voltron work for you? Is there room for a second brainless robot franchise, or will they have to step it up in the story department?

Enjoy CHUD bubbles.