Oh my, did I forget a comma in the title? Let me explain.

Danny Trejo is sticking to what he knows post-Machete, and is currently circling a project called Tarantula about a bike-gang leader who goes on a search for a woman who has abandoned the group, as well as retribution for his brother’s death. To balance out Trejo’s weathered mug, the production is also courting Erin Cummings to play the aforementioned woman on the run.

The low-budget biker movie will be directed by Oley Sassone (director of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four!) from a script by John Kersey. The writer has spent most of his career working in a more hands-on end of the film business, being a construction coordinator on a ton of TV shows. He and his wife have recently started writing scripts and producing, and it is this biker script that has gotten them their first indie.

Trejo in a biker film is like Dinklage in a predominately-black funeral comedy remake- shit just fits. I need more excuses to hit the local drive-in, so I hope this one gets to the screens on which it belongs.

Once the cast is secured the production will travel, like a surprising number of other films, to Detroit to begin filming in November.

Source | THR

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