We don’t typically run news on price breaks here on MCP, but then again,
most games aren’t Demon’s Souls.

Atlus just dropped us a line to let
us know that the game is now officially a PS3 Greatest Hits title,
meaning that it’s been repackaged and now costs a measly 30 bucks. If
you haven’t experienced the frustration, anger, sheer hatred and then
incredible blissful release that comes from fighting your way through
this game, there’s no excuse. It’s definitely not for everyone, as it’s
one of the most hardcore titles of recent years, a completely
unforgiving title that forces you to learn from your mistakes, and
frequently kills you for them. That said, it would have easily been the
PS3’s best game of 2009 if it weren’t for Uncharted 2.

“Very few games reach the esteemed
PlayStation 3 system Greatest Hits status,” commented Tim Pivnicny, Vice
President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus.  “Those that do are
among the very finest the platform has to offer, combining critical
success, tremendous popularity, and exceptional quality. 
Demon’s Souls represents some of the biggest risks, loftiest goals, and
most daring innovations ever embarked upon by a developer.  Its
arrival into the exclusive ranks of PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits
validates its designers’ achievements and helps bring their unique
vision to a larger audience.  Priced to own at only $29.99,
there has never been a better time to find out what everyone’s been
talking about.”

So get on there and help change the
world tendency to white, cause I’ve still got to go back and finish the
damn thing (that sucker is long!).

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In other
news, Demon’s Souls
developers From Software just announced their latest title, Project Dark,
which will be a new role-playing game for PS3. Let’s see how many
controllers you’ll break on this one.