Brian Lonano (of Attackazoids! and Attackazoids, Deploy!! fame) has just sent over his latest short, Martian Precursor. It’s short and simple but does a great job of showing off the man’s insane visual style, love of music and stop motion animation. In it, a homeless man is being assaulted by Martians for some nefarious purpose, images and audio beamed directly into his brain and making him look like someone who’s been closely following our Body Function Junction list.

Lonano is looking to turn this bad boy into a feature, so if you’ve got some cash pony it up to the award-winning filmmaker! The man has made some truly incredible shorts over the last few years, shorts that have played festivals all over the world, and it would be great to see what he could do with a feature. Enjoy.

Martian Precursor from Brian Lonano on Vimeo.

Want to see this on the big screen? Martian Precursor will be kicking off the Spooky Movie Film Festival this