entering a new age here at CHUD, with a refreshed stable of writers, a
re-energized concentration of efforts, and a focus on consistent,
knowledge-backed fun. To ring in this new era for the site we wanted to
bring you a truly special, truly memorable, truly incredible list that
characterizes what CHUD is about, and we think we’ve cooked up just the

The 25 Grossest, Most Execrable Moments in Film.

here to explore the most depraved, flinch-worthy, vomit-inducing (or
vomit-involving) moments ever put to film. We’re not interested in
simple gore and viscera here… We’re looking for the shittiest, pusiest,
cummiest, pukeiest, piss-filled scenes in the history of
motion-pictures. Some will be huge, some will be small, but they’ll all
be gross. We’ve also put an unprecedented amount of effort into
pre-planning, scheduling, and dividing the effort for this list, so
expect it to hit you every one of the next 25 weekdays (with a number of
special surprises planned for the weekends!).

So without further
ado, grab your nearest complimentary airsick bag (or maybe just a whole
trashcan) and jump into CHUD’s newest list.

DAY 11



Street Trash (1987)

Context is king. Especially when it comes to bodily functions in movies. One of my favorite cinema vomit scenes is from I Heart Huckabees. When Jude Law pukes in that board room after being asked to tell his stupid Shania Twain story, there isn’t much actual puke to see, but the context is amazing. It is amazing contextual puking that brings us to Street Trash, the greasy and grimy 80’s charmer that intertwines the story of a hobo junkyard power struggle, with that of mob shenanigans, and a completely irrelevant but gloriously splattery sublot about a cheap alcohol that will turn you into a melting kaleidoscope of house paint.


A cop pulls the trigger on a thug… a different trigger…


The plays-by-his-own-rules cop, aptly and cleverly named Bill the Cop (Bill Chepil). We know Bill the Cop ain’t no regular plays-by-the-rules cop at the beginning of the film when a dude with a melting face stumbles across Bill the Cop’s path. When the face-melting man’s female coworker tries to explain to Bill the Cop what happened, Bill the Cop tells her to shut up and implies she has a dick. That is how he rolls. Later Bill the Cop finds himself in a fist fight with a random mob thug. Bill the Cop soundly kicks the thug’s ass, but he is unsatisfied merely leaving the thug vanquished and bloody on the ground. Remember, he told a lady she had a dick while her friend was dying in front of here. So Bill the Cop grabs the thug…

…carries him to the bathroom…

…and heaves him onto the urinals. Now, you might think this would lead to a pissing scene. After all, why else carry him to the bathroom? But you’re forgetting this is Bill “I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a cock between those legs” the Cop. An average plays-by-his-own-rules cop might piss on the thug, but Bill the Cop is a plays-by-his-own-rules plays-by-his-own-rules cop. No, Bill the Cop doesn’t want to give this slimeball material that his body has already processed. Unprocessed material is what this asshole deserves! So Bill the Cop uses his trigger finger.



Just this homeless guy’s morning.


The vomit itself is chunky and soaked with Bill the Cop’s blood from the fist fight, which isn’t pretty to look at, but the magnitude of this scene cannot be measured visually. This is vomiting as a triumphant finishing move. Bill the Cop has no witty pun one-liner for the thug. Just meaty, meaty puke.

Today’s installment written by Joshua Miller

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