Not going to spend too much time on an article like this, but I couldn’t help but find it just a little humorous that domestic empress, Martha Stewart’s show premiered to dismal numbers on the Hallmark Channel.  THR reports that Stewart’s numbers were just a bit down from repeats of a certain 20-year-old+ sitcom: The 10am broadcast of a new episode of [The Martha Stewart Show] reached an average
of only 199,000 viewers, according to Nielsen data, down 61% from
the 514,000 attracted by a year-ago airing of The Golden Girls

There are mitigating circumstances of course (syndication #s vs.basic cable #s), but the fact that Bea, Rue, Estelle and Betty are still putting it down.  Although the four of them together were never putting it down like Betty is without them.  It’s clear now they were holding her back all these years.