Michael Ausiello over at EW has an exclusive look at Supernatural Season 6.  It’s a spoiler-filled trailer that if you’re not up to date on the Winchesters’ dealings, you definitely don’t want to see.  But if you are in the know, then you definitely do.  The trailer wasn’t embeddable, but you can click the image below to head over to EW to catch it. 

Creator Eric Kripke has essentially moved on to other things, as his five year plan for the show was fulfilled (In spades.  This is one of the best genre shows not only currently on TV, but ever.), with writer Sera Gamble having been booted up to show runner.  Season 6 looks to find things in the monster world slightly…off.  And the trailer has several spoilers that the uninitiated should avoid.  Although Gamble and the gang have a lot to uphold now that Kripke has been abducted by a Wendigo, I have high hopes for the show’s continued success; and this trailer looks good.

In other Supernatural news, Ausiello also reports that the show will be doing a spoof on the young vampire movement spawned by Twilight.  This is even though the show will have to walk a fine line so as not to denigrate the CW’s Vampire Diaries, which would be a natural target.  On the balancing act they’ll have to do, Gamble comments: “I don’t think there’s currently a [Vampire Diaries] mention in the episode.  But part of the thing is finding a balance between,
say, [showing] a poster from the actual show and having Sam and Dean
really speak their minds. We don’t want to offend….  I think
The Vampire Diaries is a really good show,” she insists. “And I’ve seen all the Twilight movies. I’m certainly not coming at this from a place of feeling superior to them. I have great respect.”