The official site for Paranormal Activity 2
had updated with a new trailer that gives away just the slightest bit
more, in terms of footage. It’s not cut or presented particularly
different from the original teaser, however there is the interesting
inclusion of hidden frames and images spliced into transitions. I’m
reminded of the single Watchmen frame that Zach Snyder cut into the trailer for 300.

is the cool kind of promotional things that are made possible by the
internet and modern advertising, and it’s shocking more of this isn’t
done. I guess we should be thankful they haven’t beaten this kind of
cleverness into the ground.

my searching I was able to find these two strange frames from the
trailer, but I know for a fact there are several more for any Paranormal
Activity fans that have a few moments. Also, if you visit the website
itself, the trailer does some funky stuff at the end– zooming in
impossibly close to the last frame while play strange audio samples–
and it’s worth checking out. The trailer is also embedded below.

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