Over the course of several years we’ve watched RZA, founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, slowly make his moves towards directing his own theatrical Kung-Fu film, The Man With the Iron Fist. Hooking up with Quentin Tarantino was a great way to start, with the project developing further as an Eli Roth produced picture that would shoot in Hong Kong. Marc Malkin at UK’s E! has now gotten the scoop that RZA has secured American Gangster and Next Three Days compatriot Russell Crowe to co-star in his film, which will roll cameras in Shanghai in December, with 20 million of Universal’s most unfuckwitable clams.

Back in 2008 Eli Roth was talking the project up as the result of a great deal of planning and dedication from the RZA, and I hope two more years of refinement mean that we’ll be in for a badass kung-fu flick. It ain’t safe no more.

(Thanks Brian)

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