He’s covered wars, you know, and he’ll soon be covering Chuck Greene (with zombie muck).

As he’s now required to make appearances in pretty much every Capcom game, news of Frank West’s return to the Dead Rising franchise is hardly surprising. But West won’t be returning in the upcoming sequel:

Prequel DLC Case Zero sold 500,000 units, which hopefully proved to Capcom that $5 is a very attractive price point for standalone content. Dead Rising 2: Case West, an epilogue to the events of the full game, will join Frank West with new zombie slayer Chuck Greene. Like the first DLC, Case West will be a 360 exclusive.

There’s no word yet on a release date. Expect a co-op mode featuring both main characters, as well as a lot of mewling about how DLC is nickel and dimin’ everybody to death.

Source TGS via Kotaku