The New York City Horror Film Fest just announced dates for their 9th festival (November 10th through 14th), as well as plans for an I Spit On Your Grave party! Thought sitting through the original film was hard enough? Try sitting through both the original and the remake together! They’re hosting a special free double feature of both Spits in association with Anchor Bay Films for those of you with extremely strong constitutions.

The double feature will be held on September 20th at 8:00pm at the Village East and as we said, it’s absolutely free. Email NYCHorrorFest at to confirm your tickets.

The fest will also be trekking to Boston (traitors!) for Wizard World this year, where they’ll be hosting their roaming “Killer Shorts Sudden Death” Competition. Visit the site for more info in case you’re interested in entering a short of yours to be seen at both the convention and the fest.

Past years at the fest have shown me some of my favorite films, from the absolutely hysterical Eddie Loves You (likely one of my favorite shorts of all time) and the insane Botched to The Girl Next Door, The Lost, TimeCrimes and many, many others.

Check for more info on the fest, and we’ll let you know when a full schedule is announced.