Great news folks, the South Korean giant killer pig movie Chaw is coming our way! Magnet has just picked up the film, weirdly retitling it Chawz and plotting the destruction of North America along the way.

“If Jaws was looking to branch out to dry land, without a doubt he’d want to be Chawz” said Magnet SVP Tom Quinn in a press release. “Another worthy addition to the Korean monster hall of fame and the Magnet Releasing library.”

It really is an unabashed Jaws ripoff in every single way but it sure is fun, as long as you’re not turned off by how incredibly silly it is. If you missed it at the New York Asian Film Fest this year (did you win tickets from us?) you’re in for a treat. Check the original trailer for an idea of what to expect.

No word on the release just yet but if Magnet does its usual thing we can expect to see it hit theaters in a very limited release followed by VOD and then home video. More on their plans as we hear it!