News of acquisitions has been streaming out of Toronto, and while it usually concerns a film purchase, in this case it deals with an Elmore Leonard novel adaptation acquiring a star. Freaky Deaky, which follows a group of former 60s radicals, takes place in the late 80s as various members of the crew find their pasts haunting them. William H. Macy has agreed to star as Woody, the millionaire success story of the group who finds that his shit keeps getting blown up.

Walter Matthau’s son Charlie has written the script and will direct the film, which moves the story back a decade to 1974, at Leonards’ suggestion.

“I figured all you would really need is a bunch of older cars. And nobody wants to see a bunch of old fogies.”

That sounds like an 84 year old author whose books have been made into some truly great and some truly awful films by Hollywood. Fair enough, Leonard.

Source | Deadline