Along with this new poster for Hatchet II, Dark Sky films has released the first clip from the film and man oh man are they throwing series villain Victor Crowley right into the spotlight. He sure is one ugly brute and you might see more of him in this clip than you saw in all of the first Hatchet.

Movieweb was the first to nab it. Watch as Mr. Crowley tries to make that case that he is, indeed, not an animal, and try not to poke too much fun at his already-pokey shoulders.

Hatchet II stars Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder back in the ol’ lump head makeup, and features “Maybeth” (Harris) heading back into the swamps of New Orleans to kill Crowley once and for all. The film will hit AMC theaters on October 1st in a completely unrated version. Dark Sky is to get kudos for that- the film is actually getting a fairly wide release, the widest unrated genre film release in 25 years, according to them.