reports that there have been cast additions confirmed for the upcoming
Johnny English Reborn, starring Rowan Atkinson: Gillian Anderson,
Dominic West, Rosamund Pike and upcomer Daniel
Kaluuya.  In this installment, Atkinson returns as the bumbling Britiash spy, who finds himself embroiled in
trying to stop a plot by a group of international assassins hunting
down the Chinese premier.
  According to IMDB, Anderson will be playing MI7 Agent Pamela Head.  Oliver Parker (Dorian Gray) is directing a script by Hamish McColl
and William Davies.  McColl also wrote the script for Atkinson’s Mr. Bean’s Holiday.  He and Davies are taking over for Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who scripted the 2003 original.

Haven’t seen the first film since it came out, but I remember laughing in places.  I liked it a little less than Holiday, but definitely more than BeanReborn starts shooting this week in the UK and China for a planned thirteen weeks.