Here’s a news flash:

True Lies is a fun little flick. Some good action, some funny lines, Jamie Lee Curtis looking great. There’s that awesome ‘ass like a ten year-old boy’ line from Bill Paxton and that scene in the snow with the stunt double that looks nothing at all like Arnold.

And it was James Cameron before he became The Beyonder.

It’s a fun flick. Would have made for a fun TV show back in the late 90’s or after Mr. and Mrs. Smith inexplicably was a hit movie.

Now… not so much. But it’s happening, or at least they’re going to try:

Per Deadline – “Cameron is returning to television with what will no doubt become one of
the hottest projects this development season: a TV series take on his
1994 action comedy
True Lies that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Is True Lies a brand?

Is Harry Tasker the kind of character some else can step into the shoes without it feeling hollow? There’s already a show in the works sort of like this and frankly… I can see the premise wearing out painfully quick. There haven’t been any sequels for a variety of reasons, but one of them had to be that it’s hard to tell this kind of story once the initial appeal of the high concept is over.

Then again, they’ll probably make the woman the spy and have some sort of high tech component so Mr. Cameron can test out some new toys he’s building. Maybe it’ll be the first television show to be shot on cybersmoke or laserlaughter or whatever…

Luckily one of the creators of The 4400 is involved, because I was starting to worry about the quality.