Hereafter has been described as Clint Eastwood’s French film, a supernatural thriller that Eastwood himself has called a chick flick “…that men will like too. Or at least one that won’t make them want to stick a Swiss Army Knife in their leg.”

The trailer has gone live at Apple (which I will link to like a gentleman), and gives you a look at the film that intertwines three different stories; one about a retired psychic played by Matt Damon, another following a French journalist trapped by a tsunami, and a young boy whose twin brother passes away in a car wreck. The stories end up relating to one another of course, with destiny and high-minded questions concerning the afterlife central to it all.

Clint’s not afraid to bring a little large scale mayhem, and Damon is consistently great, but I’m troubled by some very cheesy moments marking the trailer and the feeling that Eastwood’s work of late has edged more towards being schmaltzy and less towards being interesting.

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