Our friends down in New Orleans have another project heading their way, and this time it’s a dark comedy from William Friedkin (classic director of a little horror movie we’re quite fond of) that will star Matthew McConaughey and Emile Hirsch. The film is written by Tracy Letts –who has quite the pedigree having won a Tony and a Pulitzer– and  is called Killer Joe. Hirch will play one half of a sibling duo (casting for the sister isn’t yet known) that decide to grab some quick cash by whacking their mother for the insurance money. McConaughey enters as the hitman they hire to take her out. Cameras will roll in November.

Emile Hirsch seemed poised to break out in a big way with his string of meaty roles in 2007 and 2008, leading Into The Wild and Speed Racer, which he followed up with a turn in the well-liked Milk. He appeared in Taking Woodstock in 2009, but otherwise the last two years have been rather quiet for him, which I have to assume was Hirsch taking a break, as opposed to not having roles to play. McConaughey has been similarly taking it easy the last few years, with very little output since 2008, save for his one rom-com turn. Not a bad project which to slide back into work, for either actor.

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