As release windows shrink, physical media sales diminish, and studios struggle to find the most effective and profitable avenues of release for their films, some movies still manage to find success in all formats. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is one such film, and Twentieth Century Fox is understandably proud of the movie finding success as the second-best-selling family movie this year, with twenty-percent of discs sold being Blu-rays– that’s twice the normal ratio, and a good indication that more average families are integrating the format into their home systems.

Fox let us have an early peek at their sales announcement, which details another success for the all-in-one style Blu-ray format (which contains a standard-def disc, and a digital copy). It’s a smart approach to bridging the gap between physical disc types (especially when one is dwindling, and the other is still a relatively marginal format) that does something to future-proof a movie purchase. It’s obviously working out for them (and presumably for the other studios that are doing the same)…

“The success of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is just one example of how our premium home entertainment business is growing considerably, as we continue to offer broader access to our titles through our Blu-Ray combo packs,” said Mike Dunn, Worldwide President of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “This is ideal for families, as they can enjoy our movies on multiple platforms in the home, car and via digital copy on their smartphone – all with just one purchase.”

It’s always a great thing when providing customers with as much value as possible works out as a profitable sales strategy- especially in the world of Blu-ray sales that are plagued by double/triple/duodecuple-dip releases. Here here to win-win situations!