think we all need at least one really nice positive thing about the
entertainment business every single day of the year, including weekends.
Sometimes it may be something simple, like a video that showcases
something fun and sometimes it may be a movie poster that embraces the
aesthetic we all want Hollywood to aspire to. Sometimes it may be a
long-winded diatribe. Sometimes it’ll be from the staff and extended
family of CHUD.com. Maybe even you readers can get in on it. So, take
this to the bank. Every day, you will get a little bit of positivity
from one column a day here. Take it with you. Maybe it’ll help you
through a bad day or give folks some fun things to hunt down in their
busy celluloid digesting day.

By Renn Brown 
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What I’m Thankful For:

Clothes On Film

Clothes on Film, which maintains the moniker of “Screen style & identity,” is one of those wonderful blogs that tackles a very specific subject with expertise, in this case costuming in cinema. Its layout is simple (a stock wordpress theme actually) and its focus is entirely on content, be it an in-depth explanation about the history and context of The Dudes’ cardigan (“The Dude would have bought his knitwear as Canadian imported in California, circa late 1960s – early 70′s, probably with a goat-skin coat for late night fireside gatherings along Venice Beach.”) or letting you know about the chance to buy actual duds from the excellent The American in order to help worldwide disaster relief, there is a ton of interesting stuff here.

For those who truly enjoy the totality of the art of the film, and enjoy investigating every bit of the artifice behind it, this should be an immediate bookmark.

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