The Film: Command Performance

The Principals:  Dolph Lundgren drumming, Dolph Lundgren killing, Dolph Lundgren writing, Dolph Lundgren directing. Also- Ida Lundgren

The Premise:  The president of Russia is taking his daughters to a concert starring American pop-star Venus, when armed extortionists storm the place and take them hostage. But there’s one thing they didn’t prepare for – Dolph Lundgren, starring as “Joe”, a drummer in a old rock/metal band that was opening for Venus, for some reason. Dolph manages to avoid escape and sneaks around the stadium killing off bad guys with various instrumental implements of destruction.
Is It
  It’s a pretty average Die Hard ripoff (I didn’t know they were still making those either!) but Dolph really carries the thing and elevates it far above what it would otherwise be. Plus there’s the fact that he kills people with drum sticks, cymbals, and even, in the single greatest moment of the film- WITH THE POWER OF ROCK.

In this scene Dolph gets the drop on some baddies who are about to execute a few innocents, and sneakily plugs a guitar into the sound system and turns everything all the way up. He pops out into the stage lights right as they’re about to shoot and lets loose with a tremendous power chord that makes them all scream and clasp their ears as glitter sparkles in the light behind him and he makes an awesome ROCK FACE. Then he smashes one over the head and breaks the guitar, and stabs another with the broken neck of the guitar. It’s utterly amazing and encourages rewinds.
It Worth A Look:
  Just for that one scene. If you’re looking for some more cheesy action silliness on par with The Expendables, sure.

Random Anecdotes:
This is the fourth film Dolph has directed, and he got the idea from seeing Madonna perform for Putin.

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