21. Has anyone really asked if they were?

Photo by Nick Nunziata.

Seriously, what does one think they’re accomplishing with a bumper sticker like this? It’s not like one of the typical “I’m proud of my religion” or “Maybe someone will read my car and change their outlook on life” ones. There is no one who was wrestling with which four of the ten they most want to adhere to. What there MAY be is someone who is living their life the best they can and upon seeing this jerk in front of them, has to figure out if a little nudge off a cliff is considered a sin.

The Drink That Empties Itself In You.

Photo by Rafael Coehlo.

I’ve run pictures of this before, but I can’t get enough Cock.

23. Greaser’s Paradise.

Photo by Renn Brown.

Hard to believe a guy that looks like that needs any help getting a lady juiced.

Also, what exactly does ‘Lubrication History’ entail? Actually, forget I asked.

24. Truth in Advertising II: The Early Years.

by Robert Chappell.

I think Gold Digger Ministries is the most refreshingly honest business since they opened the Raped Childhood Crisis Center at the Skywalker Ranch.

25. “Have you tried the new Cool Ranch Field & Stream?”

Photo by The Pink Death.

This is what literature has become.

At least the new Laura Pringles Wilder book’s out.

26. So much cuter than Mreasts or Mits.

Photo by Will Shulik.

It’s not like folks wake up and all of a sudden they’re the Gluttony kill in Seven.

You might see this shit coming, so don’t get all ashamed now.

By the way…

“Father lets me put sprinkles on all my food!”

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