The Alamo Drafthouse has become something of a film lovers’ Mecca. Long glorified as the best cineast’s theater in the country, it’s called home by a number of amazing festivals and events –including Quentin Tarantino’s personal film festival– and the increasingly popular Mondo screenprinters. Tim League, the man behind the madness, returned as CEO earlier this year and, joining the announcement that the Drafthouse would be going national with new locations, now comes the news that the Drafthouse will be distributing films.

Drafthouse Films will launch by distributing Four Lions, which Devin found to be brilliant when he saw it at Sundance. The film has had a tough time of it, considering its controversially comedic take on terrorism, and League wants to get the film out there.

The film will have 10 promotional screenings across the country this October, before launching in NY, LA, and Austin for what will hopefully be a platforming release. The Drafthouse’s famous habit of bring a bit of personality to screenings (as in their Rolling Roadshows) may certainly crop up in some form in future distribution efforts, but for now, League says, “We’re not going to screen the film at the Burlington Coat Factory or anything like that.”

This is exciting news- it’s not often we get a certifiable good guy into this part of the industry. They’re obviously starting small, but I can’t wait to see Drafthouse Films take off, and what madness they can get in front of more eyeballs.

SOURCE | The Hollywood Reporter

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