A batch of photos have appeared online, a few of which candidly catch Captain America (currently filled-out by Chris Evans’ stunt double- perhaps he was getting blazed in his winnie?) and give us a good look at one of the costumes the hero will wear while fighting the most un-American of evil. There will be several different outfits throughout the film, and I would imagine this is the first.

Most of these photos (the ones of Cap at least) showed up on the unfortunately titled blog The Superficial (I understand “owning it” or whatever, but awful) which is the kind of site that has navigation consisting entirely of “Home,” “Photos,” “Bikinis,” and “Dirt.” These were snapped up by INF Photos (paparazzi outfit) and the Daily Mail, who also gathered a few (more professional-looking) extra shots of some HYDRA agents on two slick looking motorcycles, and a classy roadster. You can click to enlarge the photos below.

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