This guy’s left eye is diurnal.

I hear this one’s a real hoot. Called a Lord of the Rings
for the younger, featherier set, the film tells the story of a young
owl Soren hoot is captured by the evil owls of St. Aggies, hoot are
building a brainwashed army. He escapes with the help of other young
companions and joins the Owls of Ga’Hoole, hoot fight the amassing army.

is ready to send some lucky folks to a few screenings of Zach Snyder’s
new gorgeous 3D animated epic (which I’m told has a head-turning vocal
performance from Hoogo Weaving). Just answer the questions below and AND MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, AND IF YOU’LL HAVE A GUEST (these are solo passes).

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate your ability to molt.

2. What other creature of nature do you feel could sustain an epic fantasy tale? Inanimate object?

3. If we sent you a t-shirt for the upcoming book Nick helped write (details here), would you send us a photo of you wearing it in public? If so, tell us your shirt size (L-XXXL, all out of M).

4. How excited are you for CHUD’s coming redesign, on a scale of Dinklage to Hodder?