Sky has just debuted an exclusive clip from Joe Dante’s upcoming 3D horror film The Hole. The unfortunately titled film doesn’t yet have a release date in the Americas, but you lucky Brits will be able to catch it come September 24th. It’s a sad world when a legend like Dante takes this long to get distribution for his first straight-up horror flick in years. A sad world indeed.

The film is about two brothers who are forced to move with their single mom from NYC to a little suburban town and start playing around in a nearby abandonded house. Underneath a locked trap door (never a good idea to open those, kids) they find a hole… and realize that it might be bottomless. Things soon start going crazy in the town and you all know what’s to blame.

This particular clip was shown at Comic Con this year, and features Haley Bennett having some troubles in the bathroom. It’s quite a teaser, not really showing you much, but even this little clip has tension up the wazoo.

Check it out below and hope for a release on our shores sometime soon.