So right now I’m three sheets to the wind and I feel like apoligizing. I’m the kind of drunk who feels like shouting their drunken antics to the public. That’s just behind super-rapist as the worst type of drunk. You should have to be forced aware of my antics, and for that I apologize.

In attempts to make things better, I’ve been watching movies everyday, and I’m honestly curious. What type of movie is the average CHUD viewer interested in? Currently I’m viewing the awful shoehorned Randy scene from Scream 3. Ha! I just laughed at it.

I apologize for this blog.

But! I like something that I put in the last entry. I would like you, the reader, to point me in a certain direction. Do you have for me a certain movie or genre that you want me to deal with? I ‘m game. This is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for the blog genre. Your choice. Whether comment or in the thread itself, I want to know.

I’ll consider it a first come first serve. The very first person to give me a movie to talk about will win. Go as obscure as you want, I can find it. I’m gifted that way.

PS: (How PK of me): I really will blog about whatever you suggest. Go nuts.