People are still wondering if the fact that Casey Affleck says that I’m Still Here
is no hoax is part of the hoax.  His directorial debut about
the apparent downward spiral of brother-in-law, Joaquin Phoenix, just
premiered at the Venice Film Festival.  Reportedly, people left the screening still up in the air about the doco’s legitimacy.  “I can tell you that there is no hoax. That never even entered into
my consciousness until other people began to talk about the movie,”
Affleck told reporters at a briefing after the film’s screening
where he was asked repeatedly about whether certain scenes — and
the movie in general — were genuine.  But he conceded that audiences were likely to be confused.

The documentary details Phoenix’s career conversion from Oscar-nominated actor to aspiring rapper.  Said conversion has been accompanied by a Jim Morrison-style beard growth and mumbling appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.  Phoenix turned up at the festival sans beard, but didn’t attend the red carpet.  Have to say, if this thing is a hoax, then Affleck should be commended on his dedication to the cause.  He’s clinging to his (possible) bullshit story tighter than Roger Clemens.

The film is due to open this Friday.