Or Rabbit Horror 3D, to be more precise.

Takashi Shimizu has finally lost his grudge. It’s taken him quite a while. Starting with 2000 the man has barely had a year where a Grudge film wasn’t released. Seriously, check it out- he directed Ju-On and its sequel, Ju-on: The Grudge and its sequel, and the two American The Grudge films, as well as wrote the scripts for Ju-on: The Grudge 3 and had two more Grudge side films released last year! All together he’s responsible for ten films about creepy girls with horse throats and ghost boys with cat throats.

Thankfully he’s finally moved on, apparently getting hooked on 3D on the way.

Last year his film Shock Labyrinth 3D became Asia’s first 3D horror film and was apparently so successful that he’s going in for another round. As you can see from the trailer below it certainly looks like a shlocky horror flick, with lots of people waving their hands towards the camera.

His next project, Rabbit Horror 3D, will star Hikari Mitsushima (Death Note). According to Tokyo Hive it’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland and “tells the story of Mitsushima’s brother, who is sent to an alternate world after receiving the [stuffed] rabbit.  To retrieve her brother, Mitsushima’s character will unravel the secret behind the animal.” Apparently by violently beheading him!

The film will be shot with Panasonic’s dual-lens AG-3DA1 camera, and it will use Christian Doyle as the main cinematographer. More as we hear it.