As someone subjected to festival screenings of both Postal and Seed, I hoped I’d heard the last of Uwe Boll. By now you had to know that everyone’s figured out his scam. He simply wasn’t getting the big name actors to join his projects anymore and the funding seemed to get smaller with each successive film. It became common knowledge of what a bad filmmaker he is, how delusional he is about his film’s merits, and we all hoped that he would never again make anything that would attract notice.

Oops. Enter his new film, Auchwitz.

The film is indeed about the famous Nazi death camp, but wait- there’s more! Twitch
has managed to grab a clip that shows Uwe Boll in a Nazi uniform standing guard with an odd expression on his face outside of one of the camp’s infamous showers. Doesn’t he look like he really needs to take a dump and is hoping those
damn juden would hurry up in there?

Of the project, Boll says “It’s in the tradition of my movies Stoic, Darfur, Rampage, Tunnelrats, Heart of America…it shows Auschwitz as this what it was: a meatplant for humans…a death factory”

But honestly, as much of a joke as Boll’s career has been, as much bad taste as he’s displayed, this might top them all… and this coming from someone who found the 9/11 bit at the beginning of Postal genuinely funny. In some way, an Auchwitz comedy would be less offensive- it’s the false nature of the thing (as well as the commandeering of the “Never Forget” mantra) that cheapens it.

Check it out but be wary that it’s NSFW for Jew nudity, surgery and cremation.

Thanks to Geoff for the heads up!

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, enjoy the very first interview I ever conducted for Creature Corner, featuring none other than Mr. Boll. Still possibly my favorite.