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It’s all good news now,
Because we left the taps, running, for a hundred years,
So drink into the drink, Plastic Cap drink,
Drink with the purple, the people, the plastic-eating people
Still connected, to the moment it began…

I’ve always thought of Demon Days as an experience album. With the strong exception of “Kids With Guns” (which may very well be my all-time favorite song if forced to make an at-gun-point choice), there are very few songs that have found their way into everyday rotation. When taken as a whole though, the album becomes a sublime emotional and textural experience. The Gorillaz newest album, Plastic Beach, is equally powerful as a linear piece but the individual tracks work much better (or perhaps, much differently) for me as catchy, single-serve songs.

Like all of my favorite albums, I didn’t take to the world of the Plastic Beach immediately- it took a second listen to really absorb how fucking great it is. I suspect this is because any worthwhile album from a beloved artist tends to operate on some kind of a new or unexpected level, and requires a primer listen; a run-through of the album that strips away hype and expectation. Once you’ve accepted that the album isn’t the perfect manifestation of your every vague and ethereal hope, you can settle into what the music actually is and you realize your expectations were fucking boring.

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