Ah, Labor Day. 

What started out as a national holiday to appease the workers who were killed by US military and marshals during the Pullman Strike (thanks, Wikipedia!) has now evolved into that long weekend at the end of summer where everyone and their mother either packs up and drives through insane traffic to go “up north” or they stick around and hit up all the sales.  Because nothing celebrates people working long hours for low pay quite like spending a bunch of money on great deals that you don’t really need at stores who employ workers over the weekend who work long hours for low pay.

Sorry, it’s been a long week of laboring.

Luckily, Warner Brothers has come to save the day with their own weekend sale and you don’t need to battle any crowds to cash in.   For this weekend only, ending Sunday (apparently WB didn’t get the memo that we all have Monday off to continue our shopping endeavors), stock up on a decent selection of old school titles like The Neverending Story, Gremlins, and — seriously, one of the best movies ever — True Romance on Blu-Ray for only $9.95 each.

These are the kind of deals that I absolutely loved and found impossible to resist in college.  It’s how I went
from getting my first DVD player — back then they came with five, free
DVDs to get you started and essentially paid you to upgrade from VHS
— to building a bona fide library that now includes everything from Two-Lane Blacktop to Critters

There are a handful others in the list of about 27 Blu-rays that might be worth your hard-earned Alexander Hamiltons.  Check out the full list here.