Judge Dredd is moving ahead with the bottom half of Karl Urban’s mug in the lead, and now Olivia Thirlby will be adding a young face to the chiseled-jaw-landscape of the film, according to Variety (or perhaps someone else they didn’t credit).

Playing Juno’s best friend in Juno will be the role most mentioned in association with Ms. Thirlby, even though she’s a busy gal who has appeared in films since 2003 (United 93 being one of her first). Her role is reportedly of a “telepathic rookie who shadows Dredd.” I immediately jump to a dystopian Up In The Air, where instead of firing people, DreddisthelawIN3D.

Pete Travis of Endgame and Vantage Point fame will be directing a script by Danny Boyle favorite, Alex Garland. The screenwriter has wrote The Beach, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine, as well as Halo (the collapse of which still boggles my mind).

Now we just need to hear about casting for the villain…

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