When I watch the trailer for Hobo With A Shotgun –which is a legitimate trailer, despite running like a gag reel– I can just feel the on-set fun oozing from each frame. Never before has the joy of being given just enough money to fulfill all of your wildest and most exploitative cinematic dreams been so evident in the footage from a film. This kind of scenario can produce bad (sometimes terrible, sometimes awful) results of course, but apparently it can be pulled off even in this day and age.

Jason Eisener has posted the trailer to his YouTube channel, (which has some of the behind-the-scenes goods from the production blog we’ve covered in the past)and you can find it embedded below. There’s only one problem, and that’s the possibility that his trailer is giving away all of the goods. If there’s more mayhem to be enjoyed beyond what we see here, then the trailer might just be perfect. Built on the backbone of a crazy awesome monologue from Rutger Hauer (which is delivered, kind of… at a baby), it’s nothing but mayhem and character actor scene-chewing. Clever gags, gratuitous gore, and a just-North-of-Troma level production value suggest that this might be the most spiritually pure grindhouse film we’ve yet seen emerge from the project.

Enfuckingjoy, then let us know what you think on the CHUD Message Boards.