csaThis weekend has seen a positive explosion of news from the set of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, including some of the first pictures of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. Plus there is other rumor and speculation!

Lets’ start with the pics. The one you see to the right is Routh as Clark Kent, and I have to say that the dude looks like he’s in drag. My feelings on this film are really mixed, but my feelings on Routh remain fairly consistent – bad choice! I have a friend who writes for the soap Routh was on and the word behind the scenes is that the guy was deadwood as an actor. That, combined with the unbelievably awful look of Routh as Kent – I mean, seriously, I have seen more masculine looking women in the Gay Pride Parade – makes me really negative on this project. I mean, the movie is going to live or die on its Superman.

Meanwhile, some fans of Kate Bosworth (pictured here with James Marsden, who may or may not be playing her husband but who certainly looks AWFUL in this shot) are complaining casthat her hair is brown. As a Superman fan I’m complaining that her hair is curly, but that’s really minor.

The weird and interesting rumor comes from Dark Horizons, which claims that Singer is trying to get Hugh Jackman to cameo as Pa Kent in flashbacks (the movie will have Pa dead while Ma lives – it’s a weird splitting the difference between the original movies and the current, post-Crisis comic). Honestly, nothing can match the iconic casting of Glenn Ford in Donner’s original, but if true the casting of Jackman would be neat. I think that Michael Keaton would have more frisson, but what do I know?

Meanwhile, Dark Horizons has plenty of info about a death of Superman (?!) scene, which you can read by clicking right here.

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