Here’s what you need to do in order to solve this puzzle (which I call a “Slider”):

Create an Excel chart that is 10×10 (Columns “A” through “J” and Rows 1 through 10).  Highlight column “E”.  I have come up with 10 one-word film titles and provided you with a clue to each one.  Place each film title into the corresponding row, one letter per cell.  Then “slide” each title along its row, retaining the one-letter per cell rule and keeping the title within the grid, until a ten-letter film title appears reading down in Column “E”.  Each clue follows a pattern.  Let’s begin without me revealing that pattern.  If you can solve this puzzle, post the solution on the appropriate message board thread as a clue to the “column E” film that matches this pattern.

Good luck!

Row 1:    merman off hill
Row 2:    I iris swill
Row 3:    filling noun
Row 4:    baronet pug
Row 5:    literalness sow
Row 6:    solemner one
Row 7:    cannabises leek
Row 8:    infidel howl on
Row 9:    celebrating I
Row 10:    ignore yowl



1) Some like this of Marilyn Monroe’s (pushed together):    ITHOT

“Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe. You people thought dirty, didn’t you?

2) Type of mammal saved by Kirk: MARINE

Yes, I know this one was evil. You all tried to fit “WHALES” into the puzzle, didn’t you? Hope that messed you up a bit!

3) A Wonka golden ticket winner:    VIOLET

Violet Beauregard who turned into a blueberry

4) Where the snakes are:    PLANE

“Snakes on a Plane” – DUH!  Where else would they be?

5) Lara Croft’s father: VOIGHT

Jon Voight not only IS Angelina Jolie’s father, but played Lara Croft’s father as well. The original clue was “Grendel’s grandfather” — Angelina Jolie is credited as “Grendel’s Mother” for the film Beowulf. That makes Jon Voight Grendel’s grandfather, right?

6) Unseen middle section of Abe Sapien: HYDE

Abe Sapien was voiced (unseen) by David Hyde Pierce in Hellboy

7) Jeff Bridges Coen role: DUDE

The Dude abides – The Big Lebowski

8) She had a role between “Speed” and “Mother” WELCH

Mother, Jugs and Speed.  Jugs was played by Raquel Welch

9) This was put off by Beatty:    HEAVEN

Heaven Can Wait


“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” – Tim Burton’s Batman


Casablanca was my find prior to posting the puzzle. No one has found a longer title.