The delectable Paula Patton has joined the cast of the upcoming Mission: Impossible, says Deadline.  Patton had been in the running for the role of a young operative who works with Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt against Lauren German and Kristin Kreuk.  The film will essentially be a reboot (hence no IV in the title) and along with Cruise, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg will be returning as Luther Stickel and Benji.  Jeremy Renner was recently added to the cast as well.  Brad Bird is directing.

Patton has had roles in Precious, Swing Vote and Mirrors, as well as being the reason Denzel got into a time-jumping washing machine in the film Deja Vu.  She’s also the wife of Alan Thicke offspring, Robin.  Considering her role in this film, I’m just hoping she doesn’t end up with a bomb in her head.