always love it when the technology content I follow intersects with
movie content, and so I couldn’t help but get excited to see James
Cameron discussing At The Mountains of Madness with WIRED,
in an interview that shouldn’t stir up quite as much shit.

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of new info, though there’s the comforting feeling that Cameron gets
Del Toro, and has a clear understanding of what role he can play that
will best serve the film. Cameron has never been shy about his distaste
for producing, so it took something special to energize him into taking
that position.

yeah, then Guillermo came along… In this particular case,
I’m working with Guillermo because I enjoy his company, and a
creative collaboration is something that we’ve talked about
doing for a long time.”

brings an eye for design that is so original and so quirky and so
steeped in the lore of movie design and horror design, but always fresh
and unexpected. Frankly, I just want to see what he comes up with and I
want to enable the nuts and bolts of the production so he
doesn’t have to worry about that. I want to help him how to
work in 3-D.”

other welcome implication is that this will indeed be an appropriately
large scale film, and a memorable entry in tentpole horror.

going to be an epically scaled horror film and we haven’t
seen anything like that in a really long time — I guess since

thing about Lovecraft is that he left a lot to the
imagination… He never told you what they looked like. He
managed to create a sense of creeping horror without

hope this collaboration of resources and inspiration manages to fulfill
its promise. I can’t imagine genre fans are going to be able to witness
this kind of thing very often. That’s as far as the details go on ATMOM, but if you’re still not up on the multi-tiered release of Avatar as well as Cameron’s plans for the novel and sequels, check out the rest of the story on WIRED.