Oh, bedbugs. If you live in NYC you’d know that the city is currently paralyzed in fear by the notoriously hard to kill bloodsuckers. Hotels, subways, movie theaters, it seems that nowhere is safe. And of course it’s not limited to NYC- even the Toronto International Film Festival is threatened by an infestation!

It’s because of this fear that a film called Bedbugs will soon swarm us.

Heat Vision is reporting that Contrafilm is dusting off an old spec script from Carter Blanchard about the bloodsuckers. Bedbugs was originally developed by New Line back in 2004 before they gave back the rights to producers Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm. The script “told the tale of a small town infested with a species of killer bugs that come at night and burrow inside a person, killing from the inside.”

Little bit worse than the trademark three bites, I suppose. Until we hear more, here’s a real horror story about them-